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Anne Jesuina (Tobias de Andrade) (1989) is an interdisciplinary artist of Dutch and Afro-Brazilian descent based in Utrecht, Netherlands. Anne Jesuina combines written word, music, voice, moving image, movement and performance to reveal and metabolize the invisibilized socio-somatic grammar of white ‘supremacy’ culture. Her work is in service of finding transforming possibilities, ways to tend to individual and collective wounds in order to find regenerative places of power.

Anne Jesuina's work attempts to reconcile the colonial identities 'black' and 'white' that both inform her mind, body and spirit. Afro-Brazilian spirituality is an important source in her work. This Afro-Brazilian spirit has been transferred to her through her father: the singer  
Ailton Tobias de Andrade. Other key figures that Anne Jesuina’s work build on are: 
Franz Fanon, Homi K. Bhabha, Audre Lorde, bell hooks, Judith Butler, Donna Haraway, Camille Barton, Resmaa Menakem, Bayo Akomolafe
and Rae Johnson. 

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Anne Jesuina has made multiple short films while participating in the Ecologies of Transformation programme at the Sandberg Institute. 

Sentence (2021)

Film. Anne Jesuina. Sentence.(2021)

A one minute 3D animation about penal colony at the end of the world, where a deity punished white men for their extractive behaviors.

Uma Oração para a Liminalidade (2022) 

Trans: A Prayer to Liminality

Still from A Prayer to Liminality (2022).

What does it mean to decolonize? This film seeks to re-center the body as a site of knowledge, spirituality and trust in the midst of the workings white ‘supremacy’ culture. It draws parallels between the human made patterns in the soil and the imposed identities on black and brown and female bodies in a neo-colonial capitalist patriarchal system. It’s an investigation of the gaze of modernity and the suppressing ways in which it makes things seen and valuable, annihilating others

Rouwende (id)entiteiten. (Of: de erfenis van de Rebellie van bacon. (2023)

Trans: Grieving (id) entity (or: the heritage of the Bacon Rebellion.)

Experpt from: Grieving (id) entity (or: the heritage of the Bacon Rebellion) (2023). 

A short experimental documentary about a white man that realizes the construction that is his whiteness. The film tells  the story of how in 1676, after the Bacon Rebellion, in the British American Colony, Virginia, white and black identities were institutionalized as a response to the revolting European and African workers. The aim of the intensification and institutionalization of racism was to divide the revolting lower class that the elite needed for the development of the (plantation) economy. The film aims to show how this divide-and-conquer strategy still 'works' by drawing a parallel between the Bacon Rebellion and today's anti-racism protests, climate justice protests, and farmers' protests in the Netherlands. Thereby the film reframes today's dissatisfaction of the farmer protests as a colonial issue. It reminds us that polarization is one of the current system's political strategies to not change. Would it be possible to redirect our energies, not towards each other, but towards our common oppressor, through transracial class solidarity?